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Industrial assembly

As a reliable and dependable partner, our contract manufacturing services range from early prototype stages to complex assembly of series product lines, combining most value-creating processes to perform a lean supply stream to keeping costs in line and meeting all deadlines.

Manual assembly
Our experienced and highly qualified production specialists are trained to assemble, by means of manual presses, parts that are nearly undistinguishable from machine-made ones.
Manual assembly often makes particular sense when there is little leeway in terms of time and budget. Our competence in the realisation of efficient production line is yet another benefit our customers profit from.

Semi-automatic manufacturing of parts
All our machines and equipment are specifically configured for the respective task at hand. We combine tried and tested standards with customer-specific solutions, which enabling us to deliver ‘tailor-made mass products’.

All our services can be ordered in combination with assembly equipment produced at our partner firm efn GmbH (Germany).

For further information please contact our sales team today:
Tel.: +371 64 707 888

efn NORD offers you the following options on services:

  • Assembly services with great value, due to high use of flexible but yet inexpensive manual assembly equipment.
  • Assembly services based on the respective requirments for ESD controlled enviroments.
  • High-end assembly solution in cleanroom facilities. Great way to reduce overall cost due to high labor cost in Central Europe.