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Potting & dispensing

With our flexible automated dispensing system, we can deliver numerous dispensing applications, from selective spray coating to potting, gasketing and bead dispensing to applying adhesives and lubricants.

Selective Conformal Coating Systems
Our Selective Conformal Coating Systems combine closed-loop process control, a high level of accuracy, and repeatability for use in moderate to high volume manufacturing environments.

Meter-Mix Dispensing PVAs multi-component meter-mix solutions accurately apply adhesives and sealants in automated processes. Configurations are available for integration onto your robotics or for handheld operation

Automated Dispensing From table top to inline machines that master todays demanding dispensing applications, PVAs automated dispensing platform flexibility makes automating your dispensing process effortless.

Common Industry Applications 
  • Selective PCB Coating 
  • Potting of electrical components
  • Dispensing adhesives
  • Sealing sensor compartments 
  • Potting aerospace control boxes 
  • Solder paste dispense for junction box lead connections